Green City Projekt

Green City Projekt is an environmental project agency and a subsidiary of Green City e.V. Our goal is to work with companies, municipalities and organizations to promote environmental and climate protection. We offer individualised services, ranging from communication and event management to sustainability campaigns, consulting and training.


Green City Projekt organises ecologically oriented events. Besides planning conferences, corporate events, and campaigning days, we specialise in large-scale events in public spaces. For example, major Green City projects include Europe’s largest evening rollerblading event, the Munich Blade Night (held on 18 nights per summer on approx. 15 km-long routes through the city, with an est. 8.000 participants per event), and the Streetlife Festival, Munich’s biggest street festival (held on two weekends per year, with 200 exhibitors from 6 fields: renewable energy, alternative mobility, sustainable city planning, lifestyle and sports, people and family, organic food; includes 6 music and art stages, and an est. 250.000 people per weekend). Both mega-events take place in central public locations and showcase alternative possibilities for how public space could be used, if not for cars.


To advance sustainable changes, Green City Projekt designs and implements targeted campaigns for partners in municipalities, politics, business and the non-profit sector. Our range of services includes the development of integrated formats and the hosting of events and campaigning days, as well as the management of Corporate Social Responsibility activities (CSR) and Public Relation services. Our interdisciplinary campaigning method combines communication, marketing and management within the communication systems of society, politics and markets. The goal is to raise awareness and mobilise target groups. For example, on behalf of the City of Munich, Green City Projekt is a cooperating partner of the “Radlhauptstadt München” campaign, which aims to increase bike traffic and support urban bike lifestyles.

Consulting & Training

Green City has more than 20 years of experience with environmental and climate protection projects. At Green City Projekt, we make this know-how available to political institutions, municipalities and companies. Our work focuses on sustainable development, climate protection, mobility, city culture and development, as well as innovation management and environmental education.